Women Look at Men Who Drink as 1 of 3 Things

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Last night I shared something with my husband which, as I was saying it, I realized that few men actually know. It’s another one of those woman-secrets which, being the mens’ rights advocate that I am, I delight in sharing with “the enemy”.

Here it is:

Women look at men who like to go out drinking as one of three things, and if you’re a guy who regularly goes out with the guys, you will be categorized in one of these three ways by most women who know you. You are either:

1. A drinking buddy

2. Rehabitable

3. Reprehensible

Of the three, being seen by a woman as a drinking buddy is by far the rarest of the three categories into which you will find yourself pigeon-holed.

If the woman wants to have (or already has) a romantic relationship with you, then you are “rehabitable.”

If, however, you fall into just about any other relationship category – including being romantically involved with one of her friends or relatives, or being a drinking buddy of someone else with whom she is romantically involved, then you will almost certainly find yourself slotted into the “reprehensible” category.

Now, how many of you knew that?

5 thoughts on “Women Look at Men Who Drink as 1 of 3 Things

  1. I’d have to disagree with you, but perhaps I’m in the minority. As a woman who likes to go out drinking myself, I understand the attraction. Give me a couple of good friends and a bottle of wine, and the laughter (and sometimes tears) are sure to flow. For my dh, beer is a great life passion (ie., he dreams of going to Belgium and touring the monasteries that make the Belgian ales that he so dearly loves), so going out to have a drink with a good friend who shares that passion is very nurturing for him. I wholly support it! 🙂

  2. I dunno, Linda..I don’t think that makes you disagreeing, I think that makes you one of the minority of women who sees your man as a drinking buddy. :-b

    [I should have qualified that I was *not* talking about spouses. ;-)]

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