Our Goats Get New Goat Coats – And Where to Get Them!

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Our goats now have new goat coats, and are they ever stylish! Warm, fleece coats, they are soft and comfy and they really like them.

And look how cute they are!

Best of all, they are so easy to get on and off because they have a velcro closure along the back, and they are relatively inexpensive because they are actually …ready? There’s the secret… they are dog coats! But they come in large enough sizes for even the biggest of goats!

Here are some pics…how cute are they?

You can even get these coats right from Amazon! Momma goat is wearing a size 28 (there is one size that’s even larger, a size 30) and baby (who isn’t such a baby any more) is wearing a size 24.

Here are links for the coats at Amazon, and below are the cute pictures!

Fido Fleece Goat Coat in Mom’s Size
Fido Fleece Goat Coat in Baby’s Size
Largest Size Goat Coat
Goat Coat for a Smaller Kid





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