Growing Older – It’s Not for the Weak

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As some of you know, I was recently diagnosed with advanced osteo in one of my hips, along with a healthy (cough) dose of degenerative bone disease. Wow, that sucked. And the thing is, I’m not old. Certainly not *that* old! I mean, I’m 40-something, and hey, I keep being told that 50 is the new 30, which means that really I’m only 20-something, right?

Well, apparently my skeletal structure never got that memo, because here I am, facing a certain hip replacement at some point in my future, and doing physical therapy to ward off that eventuality.

Only, you see, I’m not doing that physical therapy. Because oh yes, I forgot to mention, I’ve also been laid up, mostly flat on my back, for the better part of the past two months (ever since we returned from Arizona), with a herniated disc in my back.

Now, because I couldn’t do the physical therapy, because of my back, my hip is getting worse.

(Everybody: o/` o/` The back bone connects to the pelvis bone, and the pelvis bone connects to the.. hip bone .. and the hip bone … o/` o/`)

Fortunately my back is finally healing, which means that I can go back to physical therapy for my hip soon.

Of course, the best thing that I can do for my back is to walk; while the worst thing that I can do for my hip is to.. wait for it… yep, walk.

But with all this going on, I’ve been very grateful that at least these things are mechanical.

And this was brought home with force recently, having just learned that a friend of mine – someone with a young toddler – just had to have heart surgery for coronary artery disease.

Thank goodness he’s ok, but holy bypass, Batman!

So I’m very grateful. At least I have my health!

But still, what it all means is that yes, we are getting older.

And I’ve made a resolution. I am not, I repeat not going to grow old gracefully.

Nope, not me.

I’m going to grow old disgracefully.

4 thoughts on “Growing Older – It’s Not for the Weak

  1. rock ON, annie…
    oh, btw, as a cripple for going on the last 17 years…
    WATER can be your friend…you can excercise and get the kinks out with substantially less damage to the hip!
    really sorry to hear you suffer this crap.
    i dunno about you,l but i never signed up for this getting old crap!!!
    BTW, hope ya enjoyed yer latte.
    can i spam my latest lame song here?
    rock on, and i hope ya feel better soon…ibuprofen, lotsa water and some good herbs will help.
    the ibuprofen cuts the pain;
    the water lubes the joints;
    and the weed lubes your mind os it’s easier to ignore the discomfort.
    pain sux; growing old sux…
    if this is god’s plan, i want my money back.

  2. Can only say “I’m feeling your pain too”. There was a crab fisherman on “Deadliest Catch” who’s fishing boat sank in the Bering Sea and was rescued. Asked about his experience, he says he hung on because “the alternative is unacceptable”. Hang in there Anne!

  3. Welcome to the club, Annie!
    There is nothing like debilitation to reset priorities, friends, finances, and a personal meaning of existence. After twenty years of living with my ‘spinally challenged’ loving wife, now my back is shot. Wal-Mart sure looks different when you NEED the cart to walk.
    The head of the World Health Organization recently passed away.
    An Oriental Gentleman, we can assume by his position that he was very intelligent, had very good medical care, and was pro-active regarding his own health. He is dead at 52 years old.
    Each day your eyes open to the sunshine is a surprise. Each day you find adequate relief from pain is priceless. However, everyone else has gone to Disneyland…

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