14 Year Old Sues MySpace for Date Gone Wrong

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Update! The lawsuit has been dismissed!

A fourteen year old Texas girl and her mother (and let’s face it, it’s really the mother, and the damned lawyers) are suing MySpace because girliepoo went out on a date with Pete Solis, a 19 year old who, they claim, sexually assaulted her.

Apparently the fact that the 14 year old went out with the 19 year old Pete Solis is MySpace’s fault.

Because, you know, it’s wrong for a 19 year old to talk with a 14 year old (which is all that MySpace enabled).

Now here’s the kicker: they are ticked because he supposedly lied to her, telling her that he was a high school senior. Of course, it’s not unheard of for a high school senior to be 19 years old, and so who is to say that Solis lied about that. But more to the point, apparently it’s ok with mom if her 14-year old dates a high school senior, but not a 19 year old?

Thank goodness for Solis that he didn’t actually have relations with the girl, or he’d be looking at jail time for statutory relations, and who knows what the girl and her mom would be demanding from MySpace!

According to the girl’s lawyers, “The suit alleges that MySpace.com had full knowledge that sexual predators were contacting young children on the website but did nothing to stop it. Additionally, the suit alleges that MySpace.com fraudulently represents it has security measures in place to protect its young members but, in reality, it does not.”

Jesus H. Christ, didn’t mom have full knowledge that her little girl was playing around on the Internet, and didn’t mom have full knowledge that sexual predators contact young children on the Internet, but do nothing to stop it?

Why the f*ck doesn’t anyone take personal responsibility for themselves – and their children – any more?

What the f*ck was that 14 year old doing going out with someone she thought was a high school senior?

And why the f*ck is it MySpace’s fault?

I’ll tell you why. Because the capitalizing leech of a mother wants $30million from MySpace, that’s why.

Whose to say that the girl and her mom didn’t just set MySpace up? Wouldn’t that be sweet, to find out that they looked for someone over 18, just so that they could sue MySpace for the money?

Said MySpace’s Chief Security Officer Hemanshu Nigam “No one is more committed to Internet safety than MySpace. We take aggressive measures to protect our members. Ultimately, Internet safety is a shared responsibility. We encourage everyone on the Internet to engage in smart web practices and have open family dialogue about how to apply offline lessons in the online world.”

Apparently it doesn’t matter.

*In an interesting footnote, it turns out that Pete Solis is counter-suing, claiming that the girl lied, saying that she was 15. This is relevant because if you are 14 or under, MySpace makes you have a private profile, so that people who don’t know you can’t find you. So it seems that girliepoo intentionally bypassed those protections which the lawsuit claims MySpace doesn’t have.

23 thoughts on “14 Year Old Sues MySpace for Date Gone Wrong

  1. C’mon… The parents just couldn’t face that their child “effed” up.. so they blame whoever they could… so they sued Mspace! ..FANTASTIC way to solve your problem… Parents should just monitor their own children instead of blaming others for their parental mistakes. JEEZ

  2. If that girl really put her age as 14, her page wouldn’t have been viewable to a 19 year old, unless he was her friend, and she didn’t have to add him, or she could have deleted him if she had already… Or if he kept harassing her she could have blocked him. Theres tonnes of stuff Myspace allows you to do for privacy etc. But at the end of the day it’s personal responsibility, and yeah, mother dear should have been keeping a look out for what her kid was doing, especially as her kid appears incapable doing anything for itself. I hope they don’t get the money, because theres no way they’re entitled to it.

  3. I just don’t understand how her mother isn’t responcible for her daughter. A kid can hook up with strangers a million different ways…the mall(can you sue the mall if she met him there?), through friends, and even at church. I think in all these situations the parents need to watch their children. The mega B*tch needs to be held responcible for her role in her daughter’s life. That if she thinks the world is responcible for what happeneds to her daughter and that when something bad happeneds the correct responce is to sued she is messed up and her daughter is mentally f*cked now. thanks mom.

  4. What is a 14 y/o girl going out with a 19 y/o guy, especially someone she met over the internet. That doesn’t excuse the boy,s behavior. He should be arrested for statuatory rape. And the girls mother needs to wake up and protect her child from her self.

  5. Parents should police their children. Why in G-d’s name did a parent of a 14 year old allow their daughter to go out with a 19 year old. Why let a 14 year old go out, unchaperoned, on a date at all. I guess I’m old fashioned but parents today lewt their kids grow up too darned fast. They allow the girls to dress up as hookers and then wonder why they get hit on.

  6. Take a look. I can’t believe the balls of this girls mother. This mother should have her child taken away from her so the kid can have the proper monitoring that her mother obviously can’t supply. As far as I’m concerned her mother is looking for a way to get rich. I’ll bet this was a setup. And I’ll bet that she may have tried this somewhere else and didn’t succeed or will start looking for someone else to try to pry money from.

  7. Maybe they should bring the mother up on charges of reckless endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  8. Mom needs to have her vagina shot out so she doesn’t procreate anymore – she is obviously an idiot who shouldn’t be in charge of other human life.

  9. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! It was the girls full responsibility to stay away from the 19 year old, common sense that you should NOT meet someone that you do not know. Of course it’s the mother’s fault, she is responsible for the minor, not myspace, so whatever happens in the hands of the mother should not be blamed on myspace. It is a parent’s duty to tell the child not to do those these things that put her life in danger!! Besides, she was 14, she had complete control whether to add him or not. It was a personal decision to go and meet this guy and she should personally deal with the consequences…there have been soooo many movies made about this situation; it’s practically inevitable to not know the risks. It’s not like TOM raped her or something. I’ve never heard of anyone suing AIM or any messanger because of these claims. However, of course, I believe that the guy should be tried. But that’s it!!! STUPID GIRL!!! this reminds me of the Wendy’s finger-in-chili situation!! RIDICULOUS!!!

  10. Come on people get real.The kids only 19 & did not have intercourse.Quick to judge all you who think he should be locked up.he should have verifyed her age you got to cause girls will lie about it.Do you remember being 19 I went out with a younger girl with her parents permission & some of the guys at school dated 8th&9th grade girls.she is her parents responsibility not my spaces. she lies about her age & gos out with a guy without her mom checking ID & verifying/copying personal info.There should be a 5 year rule when a gals 15 if a guys not more than 5 years older its up to the parents.damm i guess you folks dident get any in high school.

  11. Well my names pete solis and i live in the same state as this guy. So i think none of this should have heppened in the first place. Thanks to this guy, i’m getting harassed on myspace, and hated by everyone that knows the girl.

  12. Okay, I think this whole situation is quite idiotic. MySpace has really got nothing to be blamed about. A parent is responsible for his/her children, and one cannot expect someone else to overtake such a duty.

    First of all, MySpace does offer numerous protections for its young users (moreso than many other social websites out there). One such protection is displaying the profiles of users fourteen or under in private mode, where only friends have access to the profile. Obviously, the 14-yr-old-girl lied about her age while signing up for an account, for her account would have to be set to public (something 15-yr-old and older users can do) for Pete Solis, a stranger, to gain access to it. How is that Myspace’s fault? And if she was the one browsing Pete’s profile and decided to add him as her friend so that he could have access to her profile, then she is quite moronic; it is not MySpace’s fault that the girl was never taught to not talk to strangers (but it is that apparently money-hungry mother’s).

    Also, even though Pete lied about his age (as the girl proposes) and was not a highschool jock, what kind of a parent allows their 14-yr-old to go out on a date with a supposed senior? And even though there are cases of such deranged dating individuals, how the hell is it MySpaces fault that the mother allowed her daughter to go out with a stranger? Is it MySpace’s fault that the mother obviously didn’t ask how the two met, where he went to school, etc., and even if she did (and was lied to by Pete), where does the blame aimed towards MySpace come from?

    In the end, the accusations centered towards MySpace (by dear old mother) about not offering enough privacy protection are completely unfounded. If the senseless girl had not lied about her age, she would have had a private account and the whole thing with Pete would most likely never have happened. And even though the events did occur in this oh-so-imperfect world, MySpace should not be blamed for the meeting of this 14-yr-old and Pete Solis (would the mall be blamed if they met there, or the movie theater)? The girl should have had common sense to not talk to strangers (for reports of Internet Predators are heard everyday) and should not have given her personal info (address, phone#, etc) out; I mean, these lessons are engraved in the head since preschool days, right next to the ones about cleaning your hands before eating. Obviously, the girl was not raised with proper teachings (i.e. the mother dearie’s fault). I’m not saying Pete Solis is a good guy (he should be tried and given punishment for his faults), but leave MySpace (practically, an innocent bystander) out of it.

    Happy Living,
    the Gibbler

  13. that is pathetic, her child gets rapped so she has to blame somebody else?? tryin to make some money out of a horrible situation for her daughter. if i was the daughter i would be embarrassed to see that my mom was making this pathetic approach to make some dough….learn to blame urself not other ppl.

  14. Whatis that mother not watching wat her daughter is doing and now she wants to sue! She can go to H***! Myspace.com is great i have one so what do u see me talking to people i dont know! she probably set the whole thing up! i understand u have to be carful but a high school senior why not make it college senior!

  15. F*** myspace! and that girl should have gotten assaulted! and that mother! sheis probably on crack!

  16. All I’m going to say on this matter is that Myspace.com is NOT! to blame. (Pure & simple)

    If anyone is to blame it is the parents as all parents should now know that all young children are in danger when they are online and they are luring them selves into a mixed bag of individual people prowling on normal use or illegal use (So any parent reading this should all bare this in mind)

    Anyone who agrees or disagrees with my opinion then feel free to contact me anytime!

  17. This girl was not raped. She had willing intercourse with this guy (and I seem to recall she told him she was 18). This poor boy’s future is at stake because he (thought) he was having sex with a legal-aged woman. Although it is awfully hard to mistake a 14-year-old as an 18-year-old…

  18. Children are sexually mature by the age of 13, and in the past they would be married off at such an age; although, they may not become emotionally mature for several years later. The magic bullet of 18 years, which is associated with high school graduation, does not take into account the hormones that run through our bodies during this time telling us to get laid. This problem is the fault of the government regulations, the fault of the parent, and the greed inherent in a litigation society, and the hormones running through our bodies. This case should be thrown out, if not reestablish what is acceptable in modern sexual culture. I think laws have tended to change in order to punish people rather than be forgiving or understanding of nature.

  19. Lisa how can you recall that she said she was 18?? you werent there. I know this girl who got raped personally and I was the one who made her myspace and messed up her age. Her mom is in the right place i believe. She had no idea about the myspace or them planning on going out. When we were younger, yes we got into trouble but what teenager didnt? she didnt deserve what happened to her. I remember her phone calls to me crying begging for the images to go away. Her mom is just trying to protect her daughter and help her in every way she can. She wasn’t in it for the money. So do everyone a favor and back off unless you know the real story cause all of yall just sound stupid and ignorant to what really happened that night.

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