Lawsuit by 14 Year Old against MySpace and Pete Solis Dismissed – Hallelujah!

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The lawsuit filed against MySpace and Pete Solis by a 14 year old, for a date gone wrong, has been dismissed by a Federal judge.

Thank goodness this right-thinking judge saw through the crap that the 14-year-old and her family were trying to pull (well, to be fair, the girl herself may have had little to do with it once it got into the hands of mommy dearest).

In addition to ruling that MySpace is protected by the Communications Decency Act, the Court noted that the girl herself had lied about her age (yay! I was wondering when somebody would put some of the responsibility for this situation back firmly where it belonged!) In fact, the girl lied to MySpace (she was 13 when she signed up, MySpace requires a minimum age of 14), and to everyone else – in fact, in her profile she claimed that she was 18!

No wonder Pete Solis is in the predicament he’s in! Unfortunately for him, a reasonable belief as to the age of the girl – even her lying and saying she was of the age of consent – is no defense to a statutory rape charge. 🙁

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit by 14 Year Old against MySpace and Pete Solis Dismissed – Hallelujah!

  1. Pete Solis is far from unique in his predicament. Most of the hysterical press stories we are hearing of “internet predators” represent identical situations of young teenage girls falsely representing themselves on the internet, playing games in adult date websites such as myspace. There are 1000’s of them out there with websites that would in other situations, be considered indecent and/or pornographic. Typically, these teeny boppers function with no parental supervision and as this case most aptly displays, even no societal limitations or expectations on their own behaviors. Why has this girl not been charged with juvenile deliquency? Mr. Solis as so many other young males, is being held responsible for the parents negilegence in properly supervising their daughter’s activities, and is as well, now responsible for the girl’s juvenile deliquency. All he did was to be a typical young male.
    And the parents even seem to believe they merit financial reward for what has happened.

    We as a society, should be in uproar as to the false pretenses the legal system is presenting that they are actually doing something to protect our “children”. As the handling of this situation shows, these problems are going to continue, more young men will have their lives ruined, and these young girls will remain forever the potential victims of TRUE SEXUAL PREDATORS!!

  2. amusing….

    Aside from the whole stupidity of it all. I agree…. Mommy Leechest is an idiot to try and pull this.

    And all the other stuff about this and that.

    I personally say, “Someone take a frying pan and beat some sense into that girl i.e. DON’T BE SUCH AN IDIOT/DATE PPL U ACTUALLY KNOW ‘CAUSE INTERNET DATING SUCKS LOLS”.

    I think internet dating as a whole is risky. For the joys and pleasures of cyber-sex and oh-so-kinky erotica you won’t find elsewhere… fine.
    But srsly ppl. It’s not that hard to misrepresent your age on the internet…

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