What I Learned About Taking the Train

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In taking this first leg of our 2x cross country train trip I have learned a few things which I will apply on any subsequent trip (starting with our trip back next week):

1) Bring a GPS unit with you. Your trip will be greatly enhanced by knowing where you are when you spot those amazing bluffs, that adorable little ski village, and that incredible canyon.

2) Bring slip-on shoes or slippers. You’ll want to take your shoes off to put your feet up in your cabin or in the view car, and you’ll want to put them back on again to go out to the bathroom, to dinner, etc. And you’ll want to be able to do it easily. Bring slip-ons.

3) Bring plenty of extra-rich moisturizing lotion. I can’t believe how dry my hands and other skin got, and how quickly. I was often parched too, but they provide unlimited bottled water.

4) Don’t plan on making connections that depend on your first train being significantly on time, especially if your spouse is flying out to meet you at your final destination and missing that connection could cause you to be late by… oh …. a full day (oops…. hi, honey).

5) The trip and the scenery really are spectacular and well worth it…as evidenced by these pictures… just casually snapped out our window at various times along the way:

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