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Are You Responsible for Those Kids? (comments)
You know how when you are at a restaurant or a coffee shop or some other public place, and some parents are letting their kids run amok, and disturb the other patrons, disrupt the flow of traffic, trip people, and generally create a nuisance? Oblivious to all the stares and dirty looks being thrown their way, and in the general direction of their kids?

My Daughter Takes the Plunge (This article has 11 comments)
Today is my daughter Jessica's 20-somethingth birthday. So look what my amazing daughter did - for the first time - to celebrate:

14 Year Old Sues MySpace for Date Gone Wrong (This article has 23 comments)
Pete Solis is in a world of hurt, because he allegedly lied to a 14-year old girl on MySpace, saying that he was a high school senior, and on the football team. Pete Solis was 19 at the time - although that doesn't mean that he wasn't a high school senior. But mommy is ticked and is suing MySpace for 30 million cool ones, claiming that Solis assaulted her virginal daughter, and that it's MySpace's fault.

Father’s Day (comments)
My father passed away unexpectedly in 1989. It was the end of June. I had just graduated from university, and it was the week that I was packing and moving out to California for law school.

Bad Mom (This article has 4 comments)
Today I lost it. It's true, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I lost it. Months of being laid up and impeded with an injured back, having had no time - at all - to myself, everybody wanting and needing ...