On Patriotism

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Here are my thoughts on patriotism – in a time when people think that patriotism equals rabid war-mongering, or blindly following elected officials based on their idealogy. Patriotism != any of those things.

Here is what I have to say about that – some day I will work this into a speech – please feel free to quote me, but please attribute the quote to me:

“Administrations come and go, interpretations wax and wane, but it is to America herself, her promise – her ideals – her very foundation, that you pledge your patriotism.” – Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.

4 thoughts on “On Patriotism

  1. You are correct. We pledge allegiance to our country and to our flag. However, we show respect, or should, for those who serve under our flag from the ground pounders to the president.

  2. On Patriotism
    I believe you decribed what is a genaric definition given with a hint of pessimism.

    I do Not believe that is what most folks in this country believe is patriotism.

    You don’t and I don’t most other folks don’t. The issue is the loud voices do and they are more unified! How we fix that would be a nice subject to focus on and what is true to most folks!

    I seem to remember a Bible story where Elija thought he was the only follower of Jehova left and he was ready to throw in the towel. I believed he recieved a word from on high to the contrary.

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