The Worlds Best Cat Litter and Cat Litter Box Set Up – Really!

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Forget about those automatic cat litter boxes! We’ve found the worlds best cat litter and cat litter box combination, using just an inexpensive covered kitty litter box and this perfect litter. Even better and easier than an automatic cat litter box. In fact, we’d used a Litter Maid self cleaning cat litter box for years; this is far easier and better, and no smell! So, forget all those other kitty litter boxes. And if you’ve been asking yourself “which is the best automatic cleaning cat litter box?”, you’ve been asking yourself the wrong question! The right question is “what is the best, easiest kitty litter and box combination”, and this is it!

Now, as some of you know, we recently moved half-way across the country. There was no way that we were going to take our old Litter Maid self cleaning kitty litter box with us, even though it had served us well for years. So we gave it away on Freecycle, and figured that we’d buy a new one when we arrived at our destination.

Well, shortly before we moved, we had helped rescue a neighbourhood stray cat. Friends of ours took him in, and when we went to visit them, they were using – and raving about – what they claimed was the worlds best cat litter. They were using Tidy Cat kitty litter crystals. They raved and raved, and you know what? I could see why! This cat litter instantly dried up any urine the moment it hit the litter – and dried out any poop too – and the result was no smell, and incredibly easy scooping!

Well, when we arrived at our destination, I went shopping for a cat litter box and some litter. I was thinking we’d buy another automatic self cleaning kitty litter box, but my mind kept coming back to those Tidy Cat crystals that our friend had raved about.

The ‘problem’ was that I couldn’t use the Tidy Cat crystals in an automatic cat box. Well, I didn’t really want to fork out over $100 for a cat box just after moving anyways, so I decided to experiment, and I bought the Tidy Cat crystals, a hidden litter box like this one, and this litter scoop, which allows you to scoop right into a little garbage bag!

Well, let me tell you that I had unwittingly hit the kitty litter jackpot!

The combination of the Tidy Cat crystals, the covered litter box, and this scoop
have made the cat box a joy to live with (yes, really), and super easy to maintain! Much easier than our self cleaning cat box!

Here’s exactly what I do: I just fill the pan with the Tidy Cat crystals, and scoop it once a day with the awesome scoop, into a little plastic bag, which then goes directly into a covered garbage can that I keep nearby. That’s it!

You can recyle your grocery bags to use with the scoop, although it’s even easier to use little ziploc type bags like this. The bags that come with the scoop are, I have found, useless. Don’t even try using them, you will just frustrate yourself. But you can zip a Ziplog sandwich bag snug around the end of the scoop, scoop into it, and then zip it up and throw it away.

And to really perfect the set up – put one of these mats under your box, and virtually eradicate the litter tracking out of the box!

Kitty Litter Cat Box Mat

It’s wonderful!

So, to sum up, you will need:

Tidy Cat crystals, the covered litter box, this scoop, this mat, and some zipper-style sandwich bags.

Of course, if you don’t believe me, and you still want to get an automatic self cleaning cat litter box, you can get the Litter Maid self cleaning cat box here.

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  1. We will try your ideas, but your link to the litter scoop are invalid, do you have any other links or a discription of the scoop?


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