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As I’ve mentioned, we have a huge Spam and the Law conference going on right now

Given the extortionate rates which the hotel charges for renting a projector and a screen for a day, it quickly became apparent that it would be cheaper to buy them (yes, really). $600+ for the screen! $550+ for the projector, and we need each for 2 days.

We got a *great* projector (Panasonic PT-LC56U – *1600* lumens for under $1000, but they are hard as anything to find – has them), but were having quite a time finding the screen we wanted. First, nobody could give us any decent information – they sell ’em, but don’t know anything about ’em. Second, the one we finally decided we wanted is big and bulky (for shipping purposes, that is), and we wanted to buy locally to avoid shipping if we could and if it made sense price-wise. Well, wow, pricing for these things is *all over the place*! We’re talking a several hundred dollar price spread! And nobody stocks them – which makes sense, as there are so many choices, sizes, screen types, etc., so they all drop-ship them from the manufacturer in Indiana.

I finally found one local place, and their price was ok, but not the best, which would let us do an in-store pickup. But then came the kicker, which was we still had to pay for shipping. Then they tried to talk us into a smaller size of the same model, which they happened to have on hand. If it turned out to be too small (which I really feared) we could return it, but they would charge a 15% restocking fee.

This was last Wednesday. The conference is next Thursday. In desparation I searched the web again, and found several places with better prices, and figured if we were willing to eat the cost of express shipping we’d still come out better. I called them all, and then I found Joel at AV Superstore. Not only did they have the best price, but he was the first person on this quest with whom I’d spoken who knew what he was talking about! You could tell right away that he knew far more than I did about this stuff, and sadly that was a first for this quest. We chatted about quite a few other things, including projectors and cameras,and I wished I’d found him before making my other purchases – oh, he affirmed that they were good purchases, but I wish I’d been able to give him that business!

He worked with me right then and there to ensure we’d have the screen by Tuesday. He took my credit card number. Then he called me back to say that he must have written the credit card number down wrong (he had) because it hadn’t gone through, but he’d gone ahead and placed the order anyways because he knew what a rush we were in!!!

Well, the screen just arrived today! A day ahead of schedule!

Great service!!

AV SuperStore 866-866-6767.

Ask for Joel. Tell him I sent you.

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