The Holy Grail of Removing Cat Smell from Your House? Lampe Berger

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I’m very excited – I just ordered a Lampe Berger (a/k/a Lamp Berger, Lampe Bergere, or Lamp Bergere), and have high hopes for it helping to remove the cat scent – you know, that distinct cat smell deposited by any unhappy cat – from the air in our house! For those of you wondering “What is a Lampe Berger?”, a Lampe Berger is a sort of an oil lamp with a unique distinction – it has a cataltic burner that is said to actually destroy odor, and purify the air, before dispensing the scent of the scented oil which it burns.

The Lampe Berger was developed more than 100 years ago by a French pharmaceutical chemist, Maurice Berger. Fans of the Lampe Berger, and the manufacturer itself, claims that it will remove and destroy many offensive odors, including pet odors, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, and many others.

After destroying the offensive odor (in this case offensive cat odor) it will put out the scent of whichever Lampe Berger scent oil you filled it with. Lampe Berger makes dozens of Lampe Berger oil scents – I ordered the “Atlantic Tide” which has notes of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli (doesn’t that sound yummy?!), but there are also such scents as Cinnamon Rolls, Ocean Breeze, and even Neutral (“for times when you want to lessen the impact of a scent or have no scent at all”).

I searched high and low to find this information and to find a place to order my Lampe Berger and some of the special Lampe Berger oil – had I only thought to look on Amazon first (is there anything that they don’t carry?!)

So check these out!

Lampe Berger-Wave Blue
Lampe Berger lamp
Wave style, Blue

Lampe Berger Ondine Lamp
Lampe Berger lamp

Lampe Berger-Wave Frosted
Lampe Berger lamp
Wave style, Frosted

Lampe Berger Parfum De Maison - 33.8oz/1L Atlantic Tide
Lampe Berger oil
Atlantic Tide

Lampe Berger Parfum De Maison - 33.8oz/1L Cinnamon Rolls
Lampe Berger oil
Cinnamon Rolls

Lampe Berger Parfum De Maison - 33.8oz/1L Ocean Breeze
Lampe Berger oil
Ocean Breeze

Lampe Berger Neutral 1 Liter Fragrance
Lampe Berger oil

You can check out all of the Lampe Berger Products at Amazon here.

6 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of Removing Cat Smell from Your House? Lampe Berger

  1. Neat idea! My room has traces of a few cats who wanted to leave their mark, so to speak. Hope this does the trick!

  2. Before I rush out to spend $70 plus on this lamp and oil, I want to know if it actually DOES eliminate the cat smells of marking their territory and the litter box smell. Can someone who has actually used this product for this purpose please comment?

  3. It works for me (I never post a review unless I’ve used it and can…you know…truthfully review it).

    That said…it does seem to remove the odors for me… but it doesn’t to a cat’s sensitive nose,,,so if your cat has a nasty marking habit (as mine does0 it won’t cure that.

  4. Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for making your own lampe bergere oil, I would like to know, so please, educate me!

  5. equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. spread on area and let dry. then vacuum up. get rid of smell

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