At last! A shopping cart cup holder!

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Have you noticed that nearly every Safeway, Albertsons, and other big grocery chain now has a Starbucks or Starbucks-equivalent in it?

And if you’ve ever been spoiled, like I have, with a shopping cart which has a shopping cart cup holder, you’ll forever long for all shopping carts to have cup holders, to hold your quad non-fat sugar-free frappuccino with extra whip.

Well, guess what I just found for you.

That’s right.

Your very own portable shopping cart cup holder, and it works fabulously! And it’s only $7.50! Less than the cost of just two of those fancy drinks that it’s going to hold!

The velcro straps are just right, and you can probably think of dozens of other uses for it, and other places to hang your beverage!

Pics are below, and you can go here to purchase your very own Shopping Cart Cup Holder




2 thoughts on “At last! A shopping cart cup holder!

  1. Oh, good — much cheaper and probably more convenient than the IV drip bag I was using for my green tea 😉

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