Is $1000 Really a Severe Penalty for Harbouring an Illegal Alien?

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Now, I don’t really care on which side of the illegal aliens debate you fall (and the sides are legion). And I don’t care whether you are for, against, or completely ignorant of, the new Riverside, New Jersey law which makes it a crime to employ or rent a home to an illegal alien (the so-called “hiring and housing’ ban).

But I object, rather strenously, to opponents calling the $1,000 fine a “severe penalty”.

Let’s think about this. If you are hiring an illegal alien, you are probably going to save way more than $1,000 by paying them a pittance compared to what you’d pay someone who was a citizen or here legally (let’s face it, that’s why you are hiring illegal aliens, isn’t it?) And if you are renting housing to illegal aliens, why you are going to make way more than $1,000 in rent in just a few months, and odds are good you are also saving on repairs and maintenance, because you are a slumlord who rents to illegal aliens because hey, what are they going to do, report you to the fair housing board for not taking care of the water and gas leaks, and the cockroaches and rats with which they are forced to sleep?

So, no, I don’t think that $1,000 is a severe penalty at all.

You want to bitch about money in connection with this new law? How about the $10million that those groups who are calling the law a “severe penalty” are suing the New Jersey town for, claiming that in the mere weeks since the law was passed, their constituents have suffered that much in damages. Groups such as the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders claim that they need $10million because of the passage of the law has done “irreparable harm” to their members.

Because, yeah, like suing for $10million is going to help their image, you money grubbing scum suckers.

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