Headsets and iPod Cases for Toddlers?? Give me a break!! The Tadpole Headset and Case is a TadDisgusting!

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Ok, we won’t even let our 9-year-old have headsets – they just aren’t good for their ears. And he only just this past month got an iPod Shuffle, and then only because it was to help on the long road trip during our move, and only to be used with an external speaker (an iCat, in this case).

So, you can imagine my shock, dismay, bemusement, and, yes, revulsion, when I saw this product – the Tadpole Headset and Case. The Tadpole is earphones and an iPod case for children – little children – in the Apple store. Note that it is being pitched as a way to let your child listen to their iPod in car, grocery store, doctor’s office, and STROLLER!!

That’s just disgusting.

To see the blatant marketing to toddlers, click on the picture to read the bottom of the package.

Of course, if you don’t share my disgust, feel free to check out the Tadpole here.


3 thoughts on “Headsets and iPod Cases for Toddlers?? Give me a break!! The Tadpole Headset and Case is a TadDisgusting!

  1. When my son was an infant, I had a serious problem putting him down for a nap. Eventually, I found something that worked. I wound up getting boombox and a set of rechargeable batteries – and walked *miles* with a stroller till he’d fall asleep. Though that solution worked for me, I don’t see a problem with a set of headphones, particularly if you can control the volume.

    Now he is 4 and he recently discovered listening to music in the car with a pair of headphones. He loves the privacy of his selection and I am shopping for something that fits more comfortably than the grown-up options.

    It’s OK disagree with me, but I like that we, as parents, make individual choices, and comapnies respond by offering us options.

  2. What a great idea! Wish i could find one in the UK for my ipod touch, then my toddler can watch peppa pig on long car trips and i don’t have to listen too!

  3. Here is another one. Its for an IPOD but its a case for toddlers so they don’t break it. If she is really going to buy him the ipod I’ll buy him the case.

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