An Open Letter to “Mother Earth News”

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Dear Mother Earth News,

I was shocked – and very *very* disappointed – to open this month’s issue and find a full page advertisement for cigarettes, of all things! I’m referring to the ad for “Natural American Spirit” cigarettes that appeared near the back of the August/September 2008 issue.

I have been a fan of Mother Earth News for more than 30 years – since the original publication of the magazine. I have turned more people on to M.E.N. than I can remember, and my husband and I have held M.E.N. up to our son as one of the few publications that is true to both the earth, and clean, honest, healthy living.

To now find you pushing *cigarettes* is so shocking to the conscience – so antithetical to all for which we believed you to stand – that it is all we can do to not cancel our subscription immediately.

However, instead we will wait for the next issue, in the dear hope that the offending – and so completely out of character – advertising will be gone.

If it isn’t, we will be, and you will have alienated and lost at least one very loyal subscribing family.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to “Mother Earth News”

  1. I too would like you to know that I am not pleased with the cigarette ad. There is no safe tobacco. Even if it is organic. That sorts of give “Organic” a whole new meaning. I hope to see a retraction in your next issue.
    C.D. Brackner
    Lowndesboro Al.

  2. The complant about nutsedge in the April-May issue reminds me of a story that i heard a long time ago. The way to get read of the nut grass is to dig a tranch around it and fill it with gas. Light the gas and move to another state and hope it dose not follow you there. But a better way is to fince it off and put chickens on it. You will need to turn the grond servery times. If you were going to take you garden out of service for a year as adviced, you might as well try you hand at chicken farming for that year. Good luck.

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