Great Custom T-Shirt Printer, Great Service!

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We are having a huge national conference this week, ISIPP’s National Spam and the Law Conference ( We needed to have some “Slam a Spammer”
( t-shirts made.

Now, we have a regular t-shirt printer whom we’ve always used. I’ve always been satisfied with their work. But this time they needed the Illustrator file, said they couldn’t possibly work from a jpg or gif (I’m not disputing that, it may be true), but even after I found the file (had to track down the original artist, and then we didn’t hear from him for a bit) and sent it, they were not as responsive as we needed, especially given the conference was so close.

*Before* finding the Illustrator file, in a panic, I started searching around for someone who could make the shirts from a gif or jpg, and one of the places I called was ESP Designs, out of Sherman, Texas. They were *so* incredibly responsive, great communications, which they often initiated themselves, the art guy even sent me a long email describing all the process for me, what this and that meant, etc… in the end I gave them an order last Thursday for a big batch of t-shirts (they now have the Illustrator file), and despite the rush and everything they *met* the quote of the local guy (which was $2/shirt less than their regular price) *and* agreed to eat shipping as with a local guy we didn’t have to deal with shipping – all with a guaranteed delivery of Tuesday! They did call me back, very sheepish, when they realized it was a rush delivery (after saying they’d eat the shipping) and ask if there was any way we’d split the rush fee with them (wow…most places would simply say “you have to pay the rush fee”) – I agreed with pleasure, in fact I’d already offered to pay it in full but I guess they’d not gotten that message in the front office.

Well, again, that was Thursday when I *placed* the order – here it is,Monday morning (and a holiday to boot), and the t-shirts just arrived, and they look wonderful!! And are a day early! Wow! What incredible services!

ESP Designs, 888-403-4600. Talk to Bryan. Tell him I sent you.

We’ll certainly be using them for all of our shirt printing needs from now on!

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