Two Writing Wrongs Don’t Make a Write Right

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I used to love going to the Brewing Market and teasing the barristas because their sign on the case where they have their pastries and snacks offered, for the longest time:

Bagels and “Cream Cheese”

Scary. I pondered aloud what they could possibly be offering as “cream cheese”, rather than actual cream cheese, and scarier still, was that few of the staff actually understood the source of my bemused merriment.

I only wish that I had a picture of the sign for you. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Today, I went into the Brewing Market, all set to joke around with the one barrista who did get it, and who would roll her eyes and laugh at it with me, when to my shock and horror, I saw that the sign was gone, replaced with a newer version, missing the offending quote marks around Cream Cheese. (Keep reading below the picture.)

I felt like an old friend was gone – and as I was saying so to The Barrista with a Clue my eye fell upon the rest of the signage, just above it:

Whew. It’s good to see that some things haven’t changed. Like, the literacy level among the sign-making staff at the Brewing Market.

3 thoughts on “Two Writing Wrongs Don’t Make a Write Right

  1. Nothing like a possessive bagel to start your morning. A bit concerned that people think that flavor is an incorrect spelling when it is in fact the proper American English spelling of the word. Flavour is also correct, and the preferred British spelling.

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