Puzzled by “ONDJFMAMJJASO” on Your Bill? Here’s What it Means (This article has 1 comment)
If you have received a utility bill - such as an Excel Energy bill - or some other statement of account, and are puzzled by a graph which tells you your "ONDJFMAMJJASO" usage, don't feel alone. And don't feel foolish when we tell you what ONDJFMAMJJASO stands for. Depending on when you read it (and this is a clue), it could also instead say NDJFMAMJJASON, DJFMAMJJASOND, JFMAMJJASONDJ, FMAMJJASONDJF, MAMJJASONDJFM, AMJJASONDJFMA, MJJASONDJFMAM, JJASONDJFMAMJ, JASONDJFMAMJJ, ASONDJFMAMJJA, or SONDJFMAMJJAS.

Two Writing Wrongs Don’t Make a Write Right (This article has 3 comments)
I used to love going to the Brewing Market and teasing the barristas because their sign on the case where they have their pastries and snacks offered, for the longest time..

This Has to Win the Award for “What Were They Thinking” Headlines this Year (This article has 2 comments)
Either the San Francisco Chronicle has a real sense of humour, or staff writer Ron Kroichick snuck one by them and the joke's on them. Just look at this headline!

Bomb Her Womb from Your Huge Cannon! (This article has 4 comments)
Every once in a while, while I am scanning my spam folder, a subject so ridiculous - so preposterous - so laughable - catches my eye. Such as this one.

U. S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Stages a Coup (This article has 4 comments)
According to a CNN breaking news update, it would appear that U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is staging a coup.

Baking Dogs is Just Plain Wrong (comments)
Baking dogs is just plain wrong (and doesn't soaking baked goods just get them soggy?)

The Volume of Your Little Soldier of Love’s Male Meat Stick is Absolutely Essential! (This article has 2 comments)
I received all of these spams just today - these are the actual subjects. Some of them are just hysterical!

You Could Never Get Away with This on eBay (This article has 1 comment)
Interesting headline from Yahoo news - you could never get away with this on eBay, what with their ban on selling body parts and all. And what the heck are 'homer balls'? Sounds painful. I'm guessing it would be a tragedy. Doh!

Must Be That New Math (comments)
This must be a result of that new math we kept hearing about - or maybe just bad writing...

Non-resident Sewer Fees Established by Sunnyvale Council (comments)
Quick - what do you think this means?: "Non-resident sewer fees established by Sunnyvale council."