U. S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Stages a Coup

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According to a CNN breaking news update, it would appear that U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is staging a coup.

According to the CNN breaking news update, and I quote here:

— U.S. Treasury secretary announces plan to take over troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

An ambitious undertaking for an individual, to be sure. And probably the first coupe attempt in the U. S. since Alexander Haig infamously uttered the words “I’m in control” on March 30, 1981.

Sigh…why can’t copywriters..you know…write?

But to balance it all out..I was shocked to discover that Tori Spelling, of all people, writes surprisingly well! I picked up a copy of her sTORI Telling to read on the train, and was really pleasantly surprised at how well-written she is.

4 thoughts on “U. S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Stages a Coup

  1. …”how well-written she is”? I assume this was a purposeful slip of the keys?

    Thanks for the posting, but your English are terrible! 😉


    p.s. my captcha string is spelys

  2. Ahh, so he staged a “coupe,” did he? Actually that statement would be more appropriate to the forthcoming bailout of the auto manufacturers, as a coupe (pronounced “coop”) is a type of car, as opposed to a coup (pronounced “coo”) which is an attempted take-over of an organization (e.g., a coup d’etat, which is when a group attempts to take over a State).
    “[W]hy can’t copywriters..you know…write?” The answer, of course, is that copywriters are a dying breed, just like copyeditors, fact checkers and proofreaders.

    (an out-of-work proofreader and occasional copyeditor)

  3. Appreciate your swift reply, but you know, a spell checker wouldn’t have been of any use, since “coupe” is spelled correctly. It was simply out of context, and to catch that sort of error requires eyeballs and a decent brain behind them.

    Years ago, I spent a decade working as a typesetter for a printing company. And, as I worked the midnight shift, I had to learn to proof my own work (not an easy task, as I’m sure you know!) and I like to say that I can spot a typo from 20 paces away (it used to be 50 paces, but my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be…).

    Incidently, your site was a recommendation from JumboJoke.com out of ThisIsTrue.com.

    I shall subscribe and will be working my way through your earlier posts. I like your writing.


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