Odor Eaters for Your Pants

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Would I make this up? A company called The Pond is marketing a product that can only be described as odor eaters for your pants.

Actually, I guess it can also be decribed as “Subtle Butt” filter pads, as that’s what the company is calling it. (For the record, I detest the word “butt” – and I also detest the word for the emission at which this product is aimed – or, er, I guess, vice versa, the emission is aimed at the product.)

And, while you are buying pant filters, you can also buy underarm filters, and other items sold to help you deal with the pesky problems of when your bodily oopsies meet your fashionware.

You can buy all of these nifty, must-have products from http://www.garmentguard.com/.

1 thought on “Odor Eaters for Your Pants

  1. I’m not getting it. You detest the word “butt” on a web page called “mange merde?” You know, there’s supposed to be a ranking of swear words, starting with “golly” and working its way up, and I’m sure that “butt” is way more acceptable than “merde.”

    Or are you just saying that there are some words you hate on general principles, sort of like the way I feel about “actually” and “upholstery?”

    Not that this was the point of your post, but I just had to get that thought in there.

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