This $3 Device Will Make Your Teeth Whiter

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Yes, it’s really true. I didn’t believe it myself, but I figured what the heck, I can afford $3.00 to check it out. The device is a “LED Accelerator Professional Teeth Whitening Light”, and it actually works to accelerate the whitening process when used with tooth whitening gels.

Why does it work? I have no idea. According to the Journal of Dentistry, “the treatment with supplementary light showed significantly greater bleaching-dependent changes in color compared to treatment without light when assessed using instrumental methods.”

According to me, holy cow! This thing arrived – and remember, I paid only $3.00 for it (it arrived from China… I’m just sayin’), – and it really works. Using whitening gel in trays, and this light, I’ve seen a huge difference.

So now I’m sharing this information with you, my faithful readers. (By the way, be aware that there are two disc batteries in the light, and they have a piece of plastic in with them to keep the batteries from discharging during shipping – you need to remove that piece of plastic for the light to work.)

Check out the LED tooth whitening accelerator light on Amazon

P.S. This is the whitening gel that I use.

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