Ohmygawd…Chantico Chocolate from Starbucks is a Little Bit of Heaven in a Cup!

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If you don’t like chocolate, you will.

If you do like chocolate, this is bliss.

If, like me, you are a chocolate jezebel, have the paramedics standing by and be prepared to slip into a swoon as the frissons dance up and down your spine, your eyes roll inward involuntarily, and your toes curl.

Yes, Chantico chocolate, rolling out at Starbucks tomorrow, is Just That Good.

I don’t know where they found this stuff, but there are a lot of things I’d do to find out.

It is very reminiscent of Spanish hot chocolate – thick and rich – almost like drinking a thin warm chocolate pudding – in fact I asked my connection before-hand if it would remind me of Spanish hot chocolate, and they replied “no, it’s more European”. Now, last I checked Spain was still part of Europe, but I was asking a barrista after all, not a geography major (which reminds me of the admin I once had working for me who worried about how cold it was in New Zealand, it being up by Greenland and all. Is it a wonder that we homeschool? Ah..but I digress…)

In any event, this stuff is amazing and you should all rush out to try it tomorrow when Starbucks starts offering it.

[How, you may be wondering, did I get to try it now? Let’s just say that I’m known around the local Starbucks…Starbuckses? Starbucksi?]

Anyway, be sure to report back after you try it!

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