If You Have an Incontinent Dog or Cat (or a Puppy) The Swiffer Will Save Your Life – or at Least Your Sanity!

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I used to pooh-pooh the Swiffer.

Then our dog pee-peed the floor. A lot.

As our dogs grow to amazingly advanced ages, one of them has become a bit incontinent. Ok, a lot incontinent.

Suddenly, the Swiffer made a lot of sense.

Mopping up urine isn’t necessarily a horrible task – but dealing with a urine soaked mop – dirty urine-full water in a bucket – several times a day, is tedious at best.

With the Swiffer, though, you just get out the Swiffer mop, slap a new floor diaper on the bottom, push the button on the handle to spit out some cleaning solution on the offending area, and mop it up. Then just throw the urine-soaked floor diaper in the garbage (or, if it’s not a lot of urine, you can just hang the Swiffer up, and reuse the same floor diaper until you can’t stand it any more).

The Swiffer – in our house it’s not just a disposable mop device – it’s a way of life.

Swiffer Wet Jet All-In-One Power Mop Starter Kit

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1 thought on “If You Have an Incontinent Dog or Cat (or a Puppy) The Swiffer Will Save Your Life – or at Least Your Sanity!

  1. From *long* experience:

    1) belly bands for the male dog, using Poise or similarly absorbent items. (Poise has worked the best for us by far.) Works wonderfully – keeps the floor and the dog amazingly dry. Our dog is also para, almost quadriplegic so we also worry about things like urine burn – which simply haven’t happened. (Various types of adult diapers can be used for females, but I don’t have experience on this one.) http://www.pekeatzurescue.com/bellybands.htm are the bands we’ve been very happy with.

    2) Pee Pads. Puppy pads, or in human hospital parlance “chucks”. Particularly for mostly immobile dogs they’re perfect for protecting whatever’s underneath the dog from whatever might come out of the dog :-).


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