A Better Alternative to the Ped Egg

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If you’ve been wondering if the at home pedicure foot care product the Ped Egg is worth it, well it’s not. If you have a PedEgg and are disappointed in your PediEgg experience, well, you’re not alone. But most importantly, if you would like a rocking alternative to the Pedi Egg, well, I’ve got it!

First, it’s important to understand what the Ped Egg is – it’s basically a microplane foot file. Now, as foot files (files to remove dead and dry skin from the feet) go, using a microplane foot file is a great idea.

The problem is that the Ped Egg is made of cheap materials, and so the microplane foot file edges aren’t as effective as they could be, and they get dull very quickly. Indeed, that’s where Ped Egg makes their money – selling Ped Egg microplane foot file refills.

One day, as I looked at the real MicroPlane sitting unused in my kitchen utensil drawer, it dawned on me. Why not use it and see if it did a better job then the Ped Egg?

Let me tell you, it did. Not only did it do a far better job, but it was much more convenient. The Ped Egg has no handle – you have to hold it cupped in your hand. And while the Ped Egg does have a “dead skin catcher”, if you don’t hold the Ped Egg at just the right angle, the dead skin still comes sprinkling back out through the microplane holes.

On the other hand, the real MicroPlane has a much longer surface than does the Ped Egg, making it much easier to reach all the areas on your feet, and it has a handle, making it easier still. And it’s not likely to get dull after just a few uses.

So what to do about all the dead skin that comes off when you use it on your feet for your at home pedicure? Do it over a paper towel. Or do it standing next to the toilet with your foot on the rim and let the dead skin get flushed away.

Here is the MicroPlane that I use which, by the way, gets 5 stars from nearly 8,000 customers at Amazon, and costs only $1.00 more than a Ped Egg (and that’s not counting the cost of the Ped Egg refills).

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9 thoughts on “A Better Alternative to the Ped Egg

  1. Now you can critique the “Smooth Away” product. Which, by the way, doesn’t work at all. Whoops, I guess I saved you the trouble–and the $10.00. Surprisingly enough, Smooth Away ALSO comes with refills! Wow, I wonder how THEY make THEIR money!? While it’s fun walking through the “As Seen On TV” section of BB & B, after my “Eggstractor” experience, I think twice, thrice and then leave before purchasing anything with a red star on the box proclaiming it’s greatness. (BTW, the Eggstractor didn’t work either, and it was a more expensive endeavor, since you had to try it on a bunch of eggs vs. your foot or leg, which generally low-cost items you already own. It did however, come with a little recipe book full of tasty ideas.)

  2. I got burned with the Smooth Away product also, I tried it and all it did was give me little red bumps, (looked like a rash) on the areas of my face where I had used it! I thought my face would never clear up. Thanks for the heads up on the Ped-Egg, my husband wanted to get one, but I didn’t let him buy after the disaster that was Smooth Away. One thing that did work was Strap Perfect, I used to use a safety pin, and there would be times that darn thing would come undone and that was not a pleasant experience.

  3. Smooth away works just fine for me for my chin hair. It exfoliates my skin and thus fewer wrinkles. It is not cost effective for large areas. I do need refills though, no applicators just refills. I have the old applicator and I use the large pads to cut 11 small (1/2 size) pads.

  4. Hello,
    could you fix the link toward your “Here is the MicroPlane that I use which, by the way, gets 5 stars from more than 255 customers at Amazon, and costs only $2.00 more than a Ped Egg (and that’s not counting the cost of the Ped Egg refills).”?

    Thank you

  5. If there was a link before, it’s not there now. I scrolled my mouse very slowly over the words and found no hot link. What am I missing?

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