Our Anniversary

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Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s also our anniversary. And a lovely one it was!

We started the day by exchanging gifts. This year was our copper or wool anniversary. My darling husband planted a trail of gifts for me starting with a pot of miniature roses, then a hand-hammered copper vase with handmade copper roses (our son gave me a special copper penny 🙂 ), and then a certificate for him to plant and train jasmine and bougainvillea over the arbor bench which he gave me for our last anniversary! (The jasmine and bougainvillea were waiting for me outside.)

For dinner, as we always do on our anniversary, we had dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, and where we had our wedding dinner. (Well, it’s actually the second of two locations – the first location, where we actually met, has since closed. But it’s still special to us.)

Then we went home and had cake – the same cake we had for our wedding, from the same bakery. It’s called a Swedish Princess cake, and it’s wonderful (and gorgeous for wedding cake). Sponge cake layered with custard and raspberry filling, topped with whipped cream, and enrobed with marzipan. Yummy! And, well, very special to us.

I hope that everyone had as lovely a Valentine’s Day as did we!
Here are some pictures:





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    I PRAY you celebrate many, many more years of happiness together. You should have shared a photo as you fed each other a slice of the beautiful wedding cake…it looks “yummy”.

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