NASA Invents the Still Suit

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NASA announced this week that they have developed a water distillation unit that takes urine and filters and recycles it into drinking water.

That’s right – NASA has invented the Still-Suit.

The only thing suprising is that they haven’t done it sooner – can it really be that people who make it to NASA haven’t read “Dune”? Isn’t it a requirement for application to NASA?

Now, sure, NASA’s water distillation unit isn’t actually wearable – yet. But can that be far off?

NASA’s “water regeneration system” will, according to one astronaut, “make yesterday’s coffee into today’s coffee.”

I guess when you can’t have weasel poop coffee, human urine coffee is the next best thing.

So how does the water formerly known as urine taste?

According to Bob Bagdigian, the NASA staffer who managed the development of the Still, “ is just as refreshing as any other kind of water. I’ve got some in my fridge. It tastes fine to me.”

Well done, but geez, give credit where credit is due. We all saw Kyle MacLachlan in that Still-Suit years ago.

5 thoughts on “NASA Invents the Still Suit

  1. If only they could add a fermentation upgrade, it could be a STILL still suit.


    (i.e. turn yesterday’s whiskey into tomorrow’s whiskey)

    Enjoying your blog, your multiple websites (I’m an aspiring raw-foodie too! I spent 2.5 weeks in Thailand on a raw food cleanse in March), your tweets, etc….

    – Greg

  2. But I save my urine for making “dirty chocolate chai” — careful, though; drink too many too strong and your eyes turn blue. No, I mean REALLY REALLY BLUE! 😉

  3. Next think you know they will be breading the Kwisatz Haderach and they’ll want Hillary Clinton to be the first reverend mother. And will Tang be the first “spice”?

  4. I just noticed that I suggested that NASA might “bread” the Kwisatz Haderach. Although that might be interesting from a culinary perspective, I really meant “breed”.

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