File It! A Cheap Way to Keep All Those Over-the-Counter Medications Organized

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Is your medicine cabinet or bathroom cabinet a jumble of boxes of pills in blister packs that defy organizing? Over-stuffed with rows of boxes containing the blister-packed products? I know that mine was, between homeopathic products such as Sabadil (allergy), Sinusalia (self explanatory) and Coldcalm (ditto), and the more standard products that we use when necessary (Benadryl, Sudafed, etc.). Nowadays it seems that every OTC (over-the-counter) medication and health product that comes in tablet or capsule form comes in a blister pack (those little pockets that have a foil seal that you peel off or push the pill through) which is packed in a box (often a box that takes up much more room than the product inside). Wish that you could somehow organize them to take up less space, and be easy to find?

Well, do what I did! Do this:


The box is a cheap index card file from the local office supply store, which includes the tabbed deviders. I usually cut the directions from the box of each pill and file it with the product.

Now, this assumes that either a) you have no children in the house who would be at risk from non-child-proofed meds, or b) that you can put this up high enough to keep it out of their reach or, ideally, c) both.

But I have to tell you, this has dispensed with frustration on so many fronts! I can see everything that we have at a glance, and, more importantly, find everything that we have at a glance. And I can easily see when we are running low on something.

And my bathroom cabinet has lots of free space again.

2 thoughts on “File It! A Cheap Way to Keep All Those Over-the-Counter Medications Organized

  1. It also assumes that anyone you might leave alone in your home is cleared for knowing all about the aches and pains you might have had down to the last detail (if you store the prescriptions and medical reports with the medicines).

  2. Mange Torte (heh) – well, yes, except I made a point – twice – of saying to do this for *over the counter* (non-prescription) pills.

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