What the Hell Did They Expect 7 Marines (Jackson, Thomas, Pennington, Hutchins, Bacos, Jodka, Shumate and Magincalda) to Do to 1 Iraqi (Hasham Ibrahim Awad)?

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The only thing surprising about the indictment charging 7 U.S. Marines (Lawrence G. Hutchins III, Trent D. Thomas, Melson J. Bacos, Tyler A. Jackson, John J. Jodka, Jerry E. Shumate Jr., Robert B. Pennington and Marshall L. Magincalda) with the brutal and unprovoked murder of Iraqi Hasham Ibrahim Awad, in Hamdaniya, Iraq, is that anybody is surprised by it.

There is a war going on – agree with it or not – you can hardly disagree that it is a war.

And the Marines, above all, are trained to kill first, and, uh, not ask questions. Let alone think.

You train someone to be a killing machine, tell them that the enemy looks like this, sounds like that and dresses like them, and then you are surprised when he kills someone who looks like this, sounds like that and dresses like them?

You let a pack of trained killing machines loose (for some value of “loose”) in enemy territory (for some value of “enemy” and, for that matter, “territory”) and you don’t expect that killing to machine to.. you know .. kill?

What the f*ck did you expect them to do? Sidle up to the Iraqi people and have a cuddle?

For chrissakes, these are the same guys who are coming home and killing their wives, their parents and their friends, because they have been trained so effectively to kill, and not so effectively to cope.

You think they would kill their loved ones, but not someone in the country in which they are trying to drive out the scourge of the scum and where they have a hard time discerning who is the bad guy and who is the good guy and hey after a while under those conditions doesn’t it all blur together? I mean, their wives sure don’t look like Iraqi men but they are getting pasted too.

Now, before someone accuses me of being down on the man, I would remind them that I am a veteran, and darned proud of it.

What I’m saying is this: you made this mess. Now cop to it. Yeah, what Jackson, Thomas, Pennington, Hutchins, Bacos, Jodka, Shumate and Magincalda did was heinous. Unforgiveable – all the more so because they alledgedly dragged Hasham Ibrahim Awad from his house, unprovoked, and returned him – dead – the next day.

But while they need to and deserve to be judged – and harshly – don’t leave them hanging in the wind to take all of the blame.

Just as it’s the owner at fault when a pit bull attacks..well… you get it.

2 thoughts on “What the Hell Did They Expect 7 Marines (Jackson, Thomas, Pennington, Hutchins, Bacos, Jodka, Shumate and Magincalda) to Do to 1 Iraqi (Hasham Ibrahim Awad)?

  1. F*ck it…Blame Bush.
    i love marines…i was raised by a Marine Corps Master Sgt….
    but the truth of the matter is what you say Annie….these guys are doing what they are trained to do.
    however….that BOO-RAH, KILL ‘EM ALL LET GOD SORT ‘EM OUT mentality shit is crazy.
    you don’t shoot unarmed civilians in the fuckin’ head, particularly women and children for retribution over a fallen SOLDIER…who’s job WAS to do or die…(shame they all have to keep dieing over this bogus ass war).
    i think we need to send the whole bush administration over there and let THEM worthless hacks FIX the MESS they’ve gotten US into…
    god lord…don’t get me started…i am sofa king sick of pointless hostility and animosity and wag the dog partisan plitical bullshit my tiny pinhead could freekin’ explode!!
    anyways…if not for bush, these soldiers wouldn’t be there, and ,,,,therefore….by proxy and reality, the blame falls on the scummy little toad -exploder from texas.

  2. Just remember, the first war this country ever fought was over injustices such as these.

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