Do What You Love – Love What You Do

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I found myself saying this to a friend today – I always say “do what you love, and love what you do”, but today what flowed from me somehow seemed more profound, and I felt that I should put pixel to screen, to make sure that I had it down somewhere, so here it is:

“You know you should do what you love, and love what you do, right? To truly become an expert on something you need not only the knowledge and information, but you need the passion. Then the opportunities don’t just flow to you – your very energy and enthusiasm creates them!”

2 thoughts on “Do What You Love – Love What You Do

  1. There is no question that what you say is correct. So many times, what makes something successful is the drive and energy of one person. This can allow the smarts of many to be successful.

  2. Right on Anne!!! How many folks are trying to make money just because someone said they could do it? Most give up pretty soon, but those who follow your advice will be around for a long time doing what they love.

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