The Perfect Vegetarian Thanksgiving Turkey Subtitute for those Vegetarians at Your Table on Thanksgiving!

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We’ve been using this in our family for years as a vegetarian substitute for turkey on Thanksgiving. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – including meat eaters, and even people who don’t typically like turkey – loves it! And it’s so easy! Just heat and eat!

Even better, it’s soy-free, very low fat, and has 14 grams of protein per serving!

So what is this incredible turkey substitute?

It’s the Quorn brand chicken ‘roast’ which, this year I see, they actually have renamed to be called “Turk’y Roast”! They must have heard me raving all these years about what a great turkey substitute it is, and this year decided to give Tofurky (yuck) a run for its money!

It’s about time. Because this product is a perfect vegetarian turkey substitute.

Most grocery stores carry Quorn products now in their freezer section – look for the bright orange boxes, usually near the veggie burgers.

Whole Foods has them on sale right now for just $4.99!

And, while I have you here, I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here’s what we’re having for our Thanksgiving dinner:

Brie topped with warm cranberry compote
Individual custard-baked-in-a-pumpkin (recipe available upon request)
Quorn turkey roast
Homemade whole cranberry sauce, cranberry orange relish, and cranberry-horseradish sauce
Maple glazed yams with pecans
Mashed Potatoes
Pumpkin Cheesecake (recipe here)
Pecan Pie

(All homemade, except the rolls, and somebody else is bringing the vegetables 🙂 )

So, what are you having for Thanksgiving?

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Vegetarian Thanksgiving Turkey Subtitute for those Vegetarians at Your Table on Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Annie,

    Just thought I’d wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We’ve managed to stay home for once. We did turkey, but not the whole bird, just a breast, and roasted butternut squash. Molly, who’s a vegetarian, had a garden burger instead of the turkey.

    Hope things are going well for you.

  2. Please share your various cranberry recipes along with the one for the custard.

    I didn’t know that Quorn has a “roast”.


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