My Technicolor Finger

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Here’s a bit of medical information for you: You can get an infection in your fingertip – an infection near or under your finger nail – even without an obvious hangnail or cut! The condition, known as paronychia, can be very painful. I should know – because I was diagnosed with it yesterday!

It all started with the side of my finger tip starting to hurt, for no reason I could discern. I hadn’t jammed or slammed it, and I had no hang nail or other dead skin that I had tugged – my fingertip and fingernail, as best as I could tell, were intact.

In fact there was no visible sign of trauma or damage at all – no bruising, no swelling, nothing.
But it kept hurting, and eventually it started throbbing. So badly that it kept me awake, or woke me up, for two nights. By the middle of the second night I figured it was time to see a doctor, which I did as soon as I could in the morning. By this time my finger tip was swollen, but that was still the only visible symptom.

The doctor diagnosed it as paronychia – an infection near the fingernail – and loaded me up with antibiotics, and prescribed warm epsom salt and water soaks four times a day, and Advil for the pain.

After the first epsom salts soak, my finger showed a neon green bit around the nail, and some lovely bruise-purple tones around that.

See for yourself – and be glad that the picture isn’t in good focus!

And I won’t even tell you what came out when I lanced the neon green with a syringe..yuck!

So, if your finger tip starts hurting for no apparent reason, and doesn’t stop – or show another obvious cause – get it checked out. Because an unchecked internally contained infection can get pretty serious.


2 thoughts on “My Technicolor Finger

  1. This exact thing is happening to me now and I had NO idea what it was. It hurts so bad.

  2. Yep, I had no idea that this was so common. It’s very disgusting and I am an avid hand washer and purell addict. Just goes to show you can never be too careful.. one slip of a germ and BAM! yuck

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