The Lawyers are Revolting

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An interesting aspect of what is going on over in Pakistan right now is that since Musharraf shuttered the Pakistan Supreme Court, and put some of the justices on house arrest – mere days before the justices were to render a decision as to whether Musharraf’s presidency was legal – is the protests which have been going on.

Now, protests are to be expected when such action occurs in a country such as has happened in Pakistan. Most recently we saw this in the protests in Myanmar when the government jacked up the price of fuel.

In Myanmar it was the Buddhist monks who started the protests.

In Pakistan, right this very minute, it is the lawyers who are revolting. Hundreds of them, getting clubbed and gassed by Musharraf’s police for protesting what they see as an illegal closure of the entire supreme court of Pakistan.

I’m so proud of my colleagues in Pakistan!

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