Most Unfortunate Typo – We’ll Print you to Death

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“And we’ll take your picture, and print it out..over and over until you surrender…”
(Our son spotted this at a scouting jamboree. He should get his scouting badge for proofreading . (And the adults who made the sign should be ashamed…but then again, hey, it is Silicon Valley, where technology is the weapon of choice…).)


3 thoughts on “Most Unfortunate Typo – We’ll Print you to Death

  1. Interesting… the trebuchet was rendered obsolete by ecclesiastical law? Seems unlikely.

    Probably they just ran out of rocks the size of Cub Scouts, what with building the Great Wall and everything!

  2. yah, gotta be the cub scout sized rocks, i don’t know if cub scouts were invented yet there or not, but try and find that size rock today in super-sized america…

  3. I once worked out the launch velocity required to throw a salaryman from the Tokyo Ofis of NRI to the Yokohama one. Sadly, it emerged that the requirements would have required a Trebuchet of awesome performance, near supersonic launch speeds and nice smooth salarymen.

    It was, however, an entirely satisfying experience working out the accelerations they would experience on their launch. The landing wouldn’t have mattered one bit ^_^!

    Cub scouts and small parks wouldn’t require anything near as exciting. They might even survive the launch!

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