Hello Kitty Fender

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This is just so wrong!

I walked into the music store today and there, smack in front of me, assaulted mine eyes..

…. a pink Hello Kitty guitar!!!

As I fell to the ground, clawing at my eyes, I cried out “Dear God in heaven, the only thing that could make this travesty worse would if it were a Fender!”

Oh dear God no.


4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fender

  1. For one brief moment I thought you were describing how “Hello Kitty” met Mr. Fender, the wheel covering of a fast-moving vehicle.

    I was about to shield my eyes…

    And now, I wish I had!

  2. well, ya know, annie, the least they coulda done was make it a freekin’ squier, not a fender !!
    Leo (the true god of Rock-n-roll) must be rollin in his freekin’ grave…
    but then,,,,
    at a local GC, my wife pointed one out, so i picked the sucker up, and it didn’t play too bad!
    but, hello??????
    i’ll stick with my rollin’ rock tele, thank you….
    i could just picture hendrix with that thing….NOT!!

  3. If it were a Fender Custom Shop “Hello, Kitty!” Stratocaster, I would be worried. But since it’s just a Squier, it’s not truly a Strat.

    Even my Japanese Strat was more Strat than that. At least it said Stratocaster …

    (I miss my Strat … and my Les Paul … sigh.)

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