Dog and Goats

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Our dog loves and is fascinated by our goats. Unfortunately, they don’t share the love, and when he’s outside with them, Momma Goat tries to smash him to bits, in an effort to protect Baby Goat. Dog thinks it’s a big game and doesn’t realize the peril he’s in, so inside he stays when they are out, and vice versa (no, the goats don’t go in the house, although they do try at every opportunity! They go into their pen, which you see behind them.)


6 thoughts on “Dog and Goats

  1. Hey, Lady Anne, the goat quarters look pretty good! I’d like hire on as a goat at your place!

    I do the faithful dog thing pretty well, too! Any vacancies there?

  2. Is this thing on?

    I can’t even figure out how to work Twitter, but I’m following you over there, so thought I’d see if I could get a comment to work.

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