Dirty Chocolate Chai

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A dirty chocolate chai is my current drink of choice.

Anyone want to guess what that is?

8 thoughts on “Dirty Chocolate Chai

  1. Never underestimate Annie’s unsurpassed palate, nor her exceptional nutritional needs!

    What we have here is a venti free range yak’s milk chai latte, a large fistful of Boulder-crushed shade grown espresso beans roasted darker than the far side of Pluto (which IS TOO a flippin’ planet!!!), Sharffen Berger 85% Medicinal Grade ultra-dark chocolate chunks, four omega-3 gelcaps, a dash of organic chlorophyll, a float of Silkolene racing engine oil and a dried whole naga jolokia chili pepper. Typically, this is served in an ostrich eggshell with one of those extra long Slurpee straws. Enjoy (at least until the cramps set in)!

  2. St*rbucks is always finding new stuff to put in your coffee, and new stuff to put your coffee in. But have they ever tried *earrings*? I would so be down there every day if there were a pair of cute earrings at the bottom of every venti cup!

  3. Wow, Joe! I’m flattered that you read my personal blog..I’d no idea! I’d better behave now!


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