What I Did Today – Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

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Today I cut all of my hair off.

I don’t just mean that I got a haircut. I mean I cut off all of my hair. I mean so short that, as I told one friend, I make Sinead O’Connor look like a long-hair.

Several people have asked me why I did it. I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years. I’ve been putting it off, but I’ve been wanting to do it. Here’s why:

a) I think that I look good in very short hair; and
b) I thought it was time for my natural hair colour and me to get re-aquainted; and
c) covering the grey that is coming in is such a hassle, but to let it go natural means
d) either having two-tone hair while it grows out, or cutting it back to the roots; and
e) due to stress and life changes, my hair has gotten very thin – I mean falling out in clumps every time I wash it – and while it’s growing back in, it’s just starting to come in at the top, so the bulk of the length of my hair had gotten very thin and sub-optimal; and
f) if I didn’t do it now, I’d have to wait a few years, because in a bit over a year if I did it folks would think it was a reaction to “turning a certain age”; and
g) I think that I look good in very short hair.

Fringe benefits I have already noticed:

a) It cost only $9.00 to get my hair cut. Usually it costs $45+
b) And that’s not including hair colouring, which I’ve done away with.
c) It feels fantastic on my head.
d) It feels fantastic to my hands.
e) No more bed head!
f) No more hat hair!
g) Did I mention that I think that I look good in very short hair.

So there you have it.

And here you have it:

20 thoughts on “What I Did Today – Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

  1. OMG — what fun — total opportunity for earrings!!! Forwarding to Joe; he’s got to see this. Still, I don’t think he’ll be too surprised — from you we expect the unexpected. I like your reasons, too. Only my bone structure isn’t symmetrical enough to pull it off as well as you, I fear! xoxo — cwb

  2. And another fringe benefit… people give you their seat on the bus because they think you’re in chemo.

  3. _Goon_ Tomorrow?
    You never struck me as Minnie Bannister. Or are you Sabrina?
    I do have some free time…

  4. > It’s a powerful look, because it takes
    >such self-confidence to pull it off.

    Aaron! I didn’t pull it off! I cut it off!

    (Thank you, all!)


  5. Wow…looks great. Nothing but good hair days, now. And you look so Young, too! (I just noticed you added a last name — when did you do this?)

    Cheer, Brian

  6. You. Look. MAHVELOUS.

    Seriously, you’ve made me want the same cut myself, here, and a HUGE amount of my self-image is wrapped up in my (long) hair!

    Thanks for the show-and-tell.

  7. I lost all of my hair when I had chemo treatment fifteen years ago. As soon as the initial stubble came back, I quit wearing a wig. I received so many compliments. Many people won’t take the powerful treatment because they do not want to lose their hair. I AM ALIVE. Life is more important than hair.

  8. I liked your hair the way it was in the picture depicted in the web site. Didn’t seem so long as to need a hair dresser.

    Having said that, you also look good with the GI cut, so now you need to put back on your fatigues! 🙂

    Have a terrific day! dennis

  9. Damn, you look GREAT! The cheekbones, the huge eyes–beautiful and powerful. Can’t weait to see it in person!

  10. Hey – I came across this entry on google when looking for some stock images, but i really just had to stop anf say that you’re absolutely beautiful, and that the look suits you amazingly.



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