Visually impaired? Read This!

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Ok, now, I think that it’s great that we have braille up everywhere, like at ATMs (ever notice how many people write it as “ATM machines”? Obviously they work for the Department of Redundancy Department), and on restroom signs (where hey, that heightened sense of smell ought to be enough to tell you whether you are about to enter the ladies or the gents), but… I am struck every time that I run into one of these, in regular size, unbolded, completely unremarkable font, just below a captcha (you know, those things which give you a unique string of letters to “enter here” before you are allowed to post something or email someone, to prove that you are not a spammer):

“Visually impaired? Click here”

I dunno… it just seems to me that if they have navigated the Internet generally, and your page specifically, enough to read things like this from your page:

[email protected] has chosen to use our asinine challenge response system, with which we choose to waste your valuable time. Please complete the short challenge form below by filling out the captcha, which we realize sounds like gangsta talk, as well it should, mutha sucka. If [email protected] chooses to allow email from your address, the message(s) that have been intercepted will be delivered immediately, and any future message(s) will be delivered without delay.”

… if they can read that, then it stands to reason that they will also be able to read your captcha (unless it’s one of those ones that looks like it was designed by a funhouse mirror manufacturer). And if they can’t read your captcha, they sure as hell aren’t going to be able to read your “visually impaired? Click here.”

Humour impaired? Don’t read this.

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