The Human Brain is an Amazing Thing – Get Some!

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The human brain is an amazing thing. Terry Wallis of Mountain View, Arkansas, recently recovered from a brain injury which he suffered nearly 20 years before!

By this I mean that Terry Wallis was “barely conscious” for nearly 20 years, and then suddenly started moving and talking again. After nearly 20 years.

Medical experts say that this is because “his brain spontaneously rewired itself by growing tiny new nerve connections to replace the ones” that were “sheared apart” during the car accident which lead to his brain injury. For 20 years!

It’s pretty amazing.

But they also said some things which I found pretty dumb.

For example, they talk about “Wallis’ sudden recovery”.

I’d say that 20 years is hardly sudden. That his body is repairing itself is amazing. That it kept plugging away at it for 20 years is even more amazing. But it’s not sudden.

For all that we think that we know so much about the body, we really know so little. And here in the West we know even less, because our minds are not open to the mysteries of the body’s innate energies and abilities to heal itself, with some assistance.

That’s one reason that our surgery (particularly ‘elective’) rate is so high. And don’t even get me started about our skyhigh c-section rate.

Anyways, it’s an amazing story. You can read more about Terry Wallis here.

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  1. That’s quite amazing. One thing i know that human brain is most compplicated system of the universe which i came to know through a megazine.

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