Maybe They Should Have Let Them Blow Us Up

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By now you will have heard how authorities in the UK today thwarted an Al Qaida plot to blow up several trans-atlantic flights.

My husband is on a business trip today which happens to have him going through at least three US airports where, of course, security is heightened.

And they can’t bring any gels, pastes or liquids on the plane. Gels, pastes and liquids are apparently the new terrorist tool. Shoes are out, gels are in.

That’s right. They confiscated my husband’s Crest Ultra.

I chatted with my husband while he was at the second of the three airports through which he will be travelling today, and I asked him if people were freaked out, what with there being a thwarted plot to blow up Americans in mid-air again, the heightened security, and all.

“No,” he explained, “They are more annoyed at being inconvenienced, the longer lines, etc.”

Stupid people. Maybe they should have let them blow us up.

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