Nobody Move – This Bra is Loaded

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Terrorists must be having a field day – at least if they are keeping abreast of the news. The Transportation Safety Authority has announced that they have given a lift to the ban on liquid- and gel-filled bras. The TSA announced the cleave between the rules on the curve-enhancing bras and all other goo-filled containers earlier this week.

Can it be long before women are smuggling Aquafresh in the left and Listerine in the right?

“We recognize it’s a sensitive issue,” said a TSA spokesperson, who added that they were “reaching out” to touch the gel-bra wearing community.

While the announcement was to provide support in particular those who wear gel bras for prosthetic purposes, the TSA has pledged that nobody would be “questioned about the contents of their undergarments.”

Cross your heart?

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