My Daughter Takes the Plunge

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Today is my daughter Jessica’s 20-somethingth birthday.

So look what my amazing daughter did – for the first time – to celebrate:


11 thoughts on “My Daughter Takes the Plunge

  1. OMG!!!

    Makes me dizzy to look at the photo…I can’t get on the bottom rung of a step-ladder w/out my knees knocking.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jess! Looks like fun… did you even have time to get the gentleman’s name?!?

  3. Holy crap your daughter is pretty much the coolest! I want to do that!!! Hope she had an awesome birthday =)

  4. Huzzah for Jessica! My daughter did that on one of her birthdays, too.

    I say better them than us.

  5. I say if God meant us to skydive, he’d have given us parachutes.

    Awesome, Jess. Just awesome. Is it AFF next (_A_ccelerated _F_ree_F_all)?

  6. Happy birthday Jessica!

    It’s bad enough you spent your Special Day in some dive, but please work on getting that monkey off your back. 😉

    I see the event was leather optional.

    Annie – love the URL!

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