Maximum Occupancy – But Who Really Cares?

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We’re ssitting in a restaurant, and I note the ubiquitous ‘maximum occupancy’ sign.
“Maximum occupancy 580”, it reads.
I idly wonder whether your MO number is like a movie rating…is it a feather in their cap to get such a high MO rate? 580 sounds like a lot of people to me; do they display this proudly because it’s such a high number?
My mind flits to the fact that they are required by law to publicly display their maximum occupancy rate.
Which leads me to wonder this: does the public really care??
Does anybody actually go out to an eating or drinking establishment and start counting heads?
Who would do that??
And if it’s you, fess up.
Because I want to know what kind of perverse habits my readers have.

3 thoughts on “Maximum Occupancy – But Who Really Cares?

  1. If you are in a restaurant that says “Maximun Occupancy 80 persons” and there are 100 people or so dining, and a fire breaks out and folks get killed in the stampede, attorneys for the families of the deceased will definitely care.

  2. I work for architects, and I tend to notice if the signage looks inaccurate. The Occupancy is determined by the size of the room and depending the room usage (clear space of the room, ie not including space taken by tables and chairs)

    I will admit I have counted heads before, but usually only when the occupancy is less than 20 lol.

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