The Cheater, The Shrew, The Black Man, and the Mexican American

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I’d figured that relative unknown (at least in these parts) Bill Richardson, who is the Mexican-American Governor of New Mexico, declared his candidacy with these thoughts: “Wow, a woman and an African-American! If ever there was a chance for a Mexican-American to get elected president, it’s now! Running against these two will make me look positively electable!”

But with Giuliani declaring his candidacy this weekend, who knows what direction things will take? Would America rather have a woman, an African-American, a Mexican-American, or a nice (yeah, Italian-American, but let’s face it, white) guy who.. uh..oh yeah, cheated on his wife while in public office?

This weekend Giuliani said that he is “committed” (to the presidential race).

Would that be as committed as he was to his marriage?

Will the country really forget, or forgive, or not think about what sort of person cheats on their spouse, then lets their spouse find out at the same time as does the rest of the world by announcing it in a press conference? Does he really have a shot at being elected? The scary thing is, yes, he does.

What does a country do when none of the choices are really choices?

Do we elect presidents now the same way we channel surf? Looking not for something that is great, but something that is “least bad”?

I still wish that Iacocca had run, back in the day.

You know who I think would have had a chance in the 2004 elections?

Michael Douglas.

It’s not unprecedented for an actor to run for president, and the world knew and loved him as the Commander in Chief from the “West Wing”. He’d have been a shoo-in. I’m not saying he would have made a good president, just that a media-fed public would have elected him.

So who do you think would make a good candidate?

5 thoughts on “The Cheater, The Shrew, The Black Man, and the Mexican American

  1. Let’s face it – most of them cheat on their wives. And I would venture to say that a not-so-surprising number of women in high-ranked government offices cheat on their husbands. Like Clinton, Guiliani’s mistake was actually getting caught!

  2. That is a great idea!!!! “Mom for president”. I’d put that bumber sticker on my car!!!! Right next to my “Simon for first lady” sticker.

  3. Michael Douglas was in West Wing? That must have been the “edited for export” version, which I never watched.

    Unless you mean Martin Sheen, with Stockard Channing as First Lady. Michael Douglas, in case you forgot, played the President in “The American President”, with Annette Bening as his First lady.

    If _you_ wish to run for President I shall take citizenship just so I can vote for you.

  4. Oh yeah… I always get those two (Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen) mixed-up; sorry about that.

    And while I appreciate the support of my family, after careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that if nominated, I shall not run.

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