I Looked at My Mac and Felt Revulsion

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I never before have had such an immediate and visceral response to a computer – except maybe to swear at one of Mr. Gates’ unholy offspring. But there I was, looking at my poor Macbook, and feeling repulsed.

My wonderful husband gave me a Macbook for Christmas. He’d known that I needed – seriously, had a business case for – a Macbook, so that I could dual boot and view how my various business websites looked in Windows browsers as well as the Mac. So at some point when I could justify the expense, he knew I was going to need to get one.

So instead he put one under the tree for me. What a guy! (Thank you, honey!)

Well, a dear friend of mine advised me that a gift of Windows XP Professional was on its way to me, and so I purchased and downloaded Parallels, one of the two options for
running Windows on the new dual-core Macs, and awaited its arrival.

About 10 minutes ago, I started the Windows installation process.

And then I looked at my screen.

And I saw that familiar death-screen blue, the familiar Windows setup font, advising me that “Windows XP Professional Setup is copying files”.

And I felt physically ill.

Windows… there on my beautiful Mac.

I mentioned – no, whined – this to my husband.

And he put his finger on it.

“You feel as if you’ve violated your Mac.”

And you know what? He’s right.



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