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The Smell of Books (comments)
I went to the library today - it was the first time that I'd been there in a few months, and when I walked in, I was immediately struck by the smell.

My Favourite Charles Dickens Christmas Passage – And It’s Not from Dickens a Christmas Carol! (comments)
Most people, when they think of Charles Dickens and Christmas, think of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. But many of Charles Dickens novels feature Christmas passages, and while Charles Dickens Christmas Carol is of course a classic, one of my favourite Dickens Christmas passages is the one from the Pickwick Papers.

I Did It! Introducing.. The Site for the Cure! (comments)
It's an idea I've been noodling around on for months..and I finally did it! I am so very excited and pleased to announce... The Site for the Cure!

In Praise of Older, Less Perky Breasts (This article has 4 comments)
If you are easily offended, you should probably skip this post. Of course, if you are easily offended, you probably aren't reading a blog called "Mange Merde" anyways. Unless, of course, you don't have access to a French-English dictionary.

I Looked at My Mac and Felt Revulsion (This article has 3 comments)
I never before have had such an immediate and visceral response to a computer - except maybe to swear at one of Mr. Gates' unholy offspring. But there I was, looking at my poor Macbook, and feeling repulsed.

Having Fun – Wish You Were Here (This article has 1 comment)
Where is this?

I’d Like to Buy the World a Clue (This article has 2 comments)
I compiled the “Be the Change� montage after happening to hear a version of I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (done by the Veggie Tales, of all things).

My New Girl! (This article has 2 comments)
Did you all see yesterday's picture of the day? I am so excited! I have finally got the old Volvo 240 wagon that I have been wanting for years!

My Volvo Wagon (This article has 2 comments)
At last! I have the wonderful Volvo wagon that I've always wanted!

I Ordered My New Sidekick 3 Today! (This article has 1 comment)
I am SO excited! I ordered my new Sidekick 3 today!