I Ordered My New Sidekick 3 Today!

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I am SO excited! I ordered my new Sidekick 3 today!

As anybody who has followed any of my writings for more than, oh, a day, knows, I extoll the virtues of the Sidekick whenever I get a chance. It is only the most versatile, under-rated of all of the all-in-one devices out there. In short, it kick’s the Blackberry’s battery door all over town.

In fact, I wrote about how by using a Sidekick you can keeep all of your data, on every single computer you own (PC and Mac) synced – all with each other.

You can read that article here:


And now the Sidekick just got even better! With the release of the Sidekick 3 they have added EDGE (finally) and bluetooth (FINALLY!), and even an MP3 player.

I have a friend who works for T-Mobile, and they let me play with theirs (the Sidekick!.. get your mind out of the gutter!), and let me tell you, it is one sweet device.

If it works as I hope that it will, I will finally give up carrying a separate phone, and be down to one single device that truly does it all.

I’ll keep you posted; it’s due to arrive early next week.

This is a contraband picture:

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  1. I didn’t know that T-Mobile operated in the USA. I have a T-Mobile contract here in the UK, for SMS & Voicemail only.

    I own a Palm Tungsten E2, and really should arrange Internet access for it after finding this rather cool VNC & SSH client written by Hitachi:

    VNC & SSH client.

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