How to Make a Gorgeous Work-of-Art Necklace Hanger

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I am still unpacking and organizing the house that I recently bought. Over the past week or so I’ve slowly been unpacking, going through, and organizing my jewelry. And while I have matching earring and necklace organizers, what I really needed was a way to organize my more delicate necklaces – you know the ones that always get tangled. Here is the solution with which I came up. It looks great hanging on my wall, and once you have the materials, it takes all of about 15 minutes to make.

You will need:

1 12 x 12 canvas artwork (they have tons of these at Target, and they’re cheap!)
1 package 12 x 12 cork tiles (also available at Target)
1 package of straight pins (also, you got it, available at Target)

12 x 12 canvas artwork from Target


Now, take the cork tiles, and trim them to fit just inside the frame of the canvas. You want them to be a little bit wider than the inside of the wood frame, so that you can tuck the edges in between the canvas and the frame, so that the cork doesn’t fall out:




Next, insert the pins spaced an inch or so apart – I did two rows, staggered, to accommodate more necklaces.



And that’s it!




2 thoughts on “How to Make a Gorgeous Work-of-Art Necklace Hanger

  1. Well, I have few necklaces, but dammmm, that is cute, and clever, and can be hung on the wall as a work of art itself. Congrats!

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