BinLadenLand to Become a Reality

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Ok, it isn’t really Bin Laden Land, but developers are building an amusement park in the very area where Osama Bin Laden was ultimately captured and killed. It kind of boggles the mind. The site, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, will be called Hazara Heritage Park, and is being developed by project director Sheikh Kaleemuddin.

“It’s a beautiful area,” says Kaleemuddin. “You won’t get such a beautiful landscape around anywhere in the world where the water is there, the mountains are there, the trees are there, the natural wildlife is there.”

And the memories – ah, the memories.

But, says Kaleemuddin, “We should move forward from those incidents, we must move forward with our beautiful world, this global village, to improve the world… We should get away from what has happened in the past.”

In addition to the amusement park, Hazara Heritage Park will feature as many as fifty attractions and amenities, including hotels, zoos, and a food court.

Of course one can argue, and indeed it is being pointed out in the press, that the site means something quite different to residents than it does to those outside of Pakistan in general, and Abbottabad in particular.

On the oter hand, consider that Kaleemuddin is going for the international tourist trade.

“We’re going to attract the worldwide tourist over here,” says Kaleemuddin. “We want…the tourists from all around Europe, America. People should come and see what we are doing.”

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