Gourmet Products do Not Come in Plastic Squeeze Bottles

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What marketing genius thought this up? Just because you say that your product is “gourmet” doesn’t make it gourmet!

Gourmet products do not come in squeeze bottles.



1 thought on “Gourmet Products do Not Come in Plastic Squeeze Bottles

  1. Not to be completely ignorant here, but oh my gosh what store did you find cream of coconut in a squeeze bottle in!? I looked at four stores this weekend for Pina Colada ingredients and would have been thrilled to find this.

    Even if it’s basically the Cheez Whiz of cream of coconut!

    Oh, and the marketing department was right on. You’re not the target market. People who believe what the bottle says are. It’s difficult to remember, but being in the nth percent of the bell curve of people means things just look different to you than to the rest of the shoppers. 🙂

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